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Rogers Insurance Agency, Inc.

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About Us

YESTERDAY. For more than 100 years, Rogers Insurance has operated as an independent insurance agency protecting the assets of our many clients. The primary focus of those who started the agency was to concentrate on what is best for the client. This was accomplished by listening to the customer, evaluating their exposure to risk and providing a plan of action to alleviate the things that keep them awake at night. This approach was successful and allowed the agency to grow and maintain client relationships in many states throughout the country.

TODAY. The vision and culture established over the years continues today. We work to stay on top of economic and business changes that are impacting our clients. We monitor changes in the insurance marketplace and communicate applicable issues to our clients. The agency remains client focused and values the deep, client-centric relationships that have developed. How is this accomplished? By empowering agency teammates to learn as much as possible about our clients; by encouraging our team to ask one more question; by reinvesting in team members via educational pursuits; by developing insurance carrier relationships built on trust and integrity; by supporting and re-investing in our local communities; by being an aggressive advocate for our client at the time of purchase and at the time of a claim; by striving to be the best we can be each and every day.

TOMORROW. The insurance business, like the world we live in, is ever changing. The traditions of the past will guide our future by offering services and delivery methods that align with the needs of our clients. We will remain true to our foundation but will adjust and adapt to the ever changing market to the benefit of our client.

Rogers Insurance – rich in history, client and relationship focused and forward future mentality.
Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow