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Be aware of freezing pipes and policy provisions

Good morning and Happy Friday.    With the continued freezing weather in our area, I wanted to share a policy provision that is in your property policy.    If you have any vacant buildings please make sure to have the heat on to avoid freezing pipes.  

 b. Vacancy Provisions

If the building where loss or damage occurs

has been vacant for more than 60

consecutive days before that loss or

damage occurs:

(1) We will not pay for any loss or damage

caused by any of the following, even if

they are Covered Causes of Loss:

(a) Vandalism;

(b) Sprinkler leakage, unless you have

protected the system against


(c) Building glass breakage;

(d) Water damage;

(e) Theft; or

(f) Attempted theft.

(2) With respect to Covered Causes of Loss

other than those listed in b.(1)(a)

through b.(1)(f) above, we will reduce

the amount we would otherwise pay for

the loss or damage by 15%.

 Have a good weekend and try to stay warm!!