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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Roof Maintenance FAQ and Inspection Checklist

Roof Maintenance FAQ - Bernie Roma, EMC Senior Loss Control Representative, answers the questions he most frequently hears about roof maintenance. If you have a program, you may have already completed some of these...

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5 Basic Coverage Options New Businesses Should Consider

Businesses are exposed to many different types of risks. A single, unfortunate incident or lawsuit can cause your business to crash before it can even get off the ground. Luckily, there is a wide range of business...

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7 Common Workplace Safety Hazards

The consultants at the National Safety Council have identified seven common safety hazards. How many are in your workplace-and what can you do about it? - - National Safety Council consultants...

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How Independent Agents Are Different from Captive Agents

When it comes to buying insurance, you have two primary options available to you: independent agents like us, and captive agents. While both can provide insurance services, these two types of insurance agents are not...

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Do you know your pictograms?

Test your knowledge with this pictogram chart: There's a secret weapon in the chemical safety industry: Pictograms. While the use of pictograms on labels was adopted by OSHA in 2015, the uptake of...

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